Re: Bruno's responses
Tue May 21, 2019 13:53

Your position is very flawed. Every Reporter knew Condon's phone number ... and they called it often before his wife changed the number.

  • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael 5260 for Richard E Sloan, Tue May 21 09:39
    In order for a person to write the correct 1932 telephone number, 3-7154, a person would either have to have the number memorized or carrying it with them at the time Hauptmann's apartment was being... more
    • Re: Bruno's responses — Michael , Tue May 21 13:53
      • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Tue May 21 14:49
        Hauptmann admitted to Samuel Foley it was his handwriting, but still creatively adept enough after being caught red-handed to come up with an explanation, which he felt would suffice. If he knew it... more
        • denied itRichard E Sloan, Wed May 22 09:34
          That's right, Joe; he simply would have denied it altogether. Guilty or not, he would have denied it. That's what's so perplexing.
          • Re: denied itMichael For Richard, Wed May 22 09:49
            The Reporter wrote the phone number there. He admitted it to several people but the one who counts for me is Lloyd Fisher. Since I am familiar with Fisher's material he wasn't the type to make... more
            • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Wed May 22 12:53
              that reporter was in gov hoffmans back pocket. I never believed that story, Hauptman admitted writing it his reason is so stupid a little bit interested in the case
              • Re: denied itMichael, Thu May 23 09:32
                Wrong Reporter Steve.
                • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Thu May 23 10:55
                  I didn't think there was more liars
        • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael For Joe, Tue May 21 15:27
          Wow Joe. That took you a couple just a couple of sentences to explain! Meanwhile, it took me 60 pages and 200 footnotes. Don't like it? Well call it from the hand of an "apologist." Make it "appear"... more
          • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Thu May 23 10:28
            Michael, if it takes you 60 pages and 200 pages of research writing to conclude that a reporter wrote Condon's phone number on the closet trim, based on what Lloyd Fisher claims he was told by the... more
            • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael For Joe, Mon May 27 08:37
              Unfortunately Joe it is in the source documentation - and as I demonstrated - it is anything but clear. And so it appears, in an attempt to mock the amount of research I've done, that you actually... more
              • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe for Michael, Mon May 27 12:26
                Michael, I'm not mocking the amount of research you've done, but I disagree that more is necessarily more, as you seem to believe. That would entirely depend on the irrefutable veracity and relevance ... more
                • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael , Tue May 28 07:58
                  And so, by your very own position, you can determine that relevance and veracity without ever seeing or knowing what that is? Look Joe, I wrote what I did to reveal everything available that is... more
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