Re: Bruno's responses
Tue May 21, 2019 14:49

Hauptmann admitted to Samuel Foley it was his handwriting, but still creatively adept enough after being caught red-handed to come up with an explanation, which he felt would suffice. If he knew it couldn't have been his handwriting on the closet trim because he never wrote it, he would have simply denied it, period. There's some pretty elementary logic at the heart of this. All of the apologist explanations in the world cannot help him unwrite what he wrote.

  • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael , Tue May 21 13:53
    Your position is very flawed. Every Reporter knew Condon's phone number ... and they called it often before his wife changed the number.
    • Re: Bruno's responses — Joe, Tue May 21 14:49
      • denied itRichard E Sloan, Wed May 22 09:34
        That's right, Joe; he simply would have denied it altogether. Guilty or not, he would have denied it. That's what's so perplexing.
        • Re: denied itMichael For Richard, Wed May 22 09:49
          The Reporter wrote the phone number there. He admitted it to several people but the one who counts for me is Lloyd Fisher. Since I am familiar with Fisher's material he wasn't the type to make... more
          • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Wed May 22 12:53
            that reporter was in gov hoffmans back pocket. I never believed that story, Hauptman admitted writing it his reason is so stupid a little bit interested in the case
            • Re: denied itMichael, Thu May 23 09:32
              Wrong Reporter Steve.
              • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Thu May 23 10:55
                I didn't think there was more liars
      • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael For Joe, Tue May 21 15:27
        Wow Joe. That took you a couple just a couple of sentences to explain! Meanwhile, it took me 60 pages and 200 footnotes. Don't like it? Well call it from the hand of an "apologist." Make it "appear"... more
        • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Thu May 23 10:28
          Michael, if it takes you 60 pages and 200 pages of research writing to conclude that a reporter wrote Condon's phone number on the closet trim, based on what Lloyd Fisher claims he was told by the... more
          • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael For Joe, Mon May 27 08:37
            Unfortunately Joe it is in the source documentation - and as I demonstrated - it is anything but clear. And so it appears, in an attempt to mock the amount of research I've done, that you actually... more
            • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe for Michael, Mon May 27 12:26
              Michael, I'm not mocking the amount of research you've done, but I disagree that more is necessarily more, as you seem to believe. That would entirely depend on the irrefutable veracity and relevance ... more
              • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael , Tue May 28 07:58
                And so, by your very own position, you can determine that relevance and veracity without ever seeing or knowing what that is? Look Joe, I wrote what I did to reveal everything available that is... more
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