Michael For Richard
Re: denied it
Wed May 22, 2019 09:49

The Reporter wrote the phone number there. He admitted it to several people but the one who counts for me is Lloyd Fisher. Since I am familiar with Fisher's material he wasn't the type to make something like this up. In fact, most of the things he asserted he saw, heard, or was told is completely backed up by other documentation. So while one might say Hauptmann "lied" we do not have to rely on him here.

Next, the Reporter in question had pulled "tricks" like this in the past. I've documented one where he and Bornmann tried to pull a fast one by having Bornmann pose as a Reporter. But there are others. The problem for some is if they do not "like" certain FACTS they will ignore them and certainly won't do any related research because its not in their interest to further prove something they do not want to believe.

Lastly, Hauptmann did write Condon's address there. And so NOBODY likes the end result concerning what the documentation proves. People either want that he wrote ALL or NOTHING but that's not what happened.

  • denied itRichard E Sloan, Wed May 22 09:34
    That's right, Joe; he simply would have denied it altogether. Guilty or not, he would have denied it. That's what's so perplexing.
    • Re: denied it — Michael For Richard, Wed May 22 09:49
      • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Wed May 22 12:53
        that reporter was in gov hoffmans back pocket. I never believed that story, Hauptman admitted writing it his reason is so stupid a little bit interested in the case
        • Re: denied itMichael, Thu May 23 09:32
          Wrong Reporter Steve.
          • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Thu May 23 10:55
            I didn't think there was more liars
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