steve for mike
Re: denied it
Wed May 22, 2019 12:53

that reporter was in gov hoffmans back pocket. I never believed that story, Hauptman admitted writing it his reason is so stupid a little bit interested in the case

  • Re: denied itMichael For Richard, Wed May 22 09:49
    The Reporter wrote the phone number there. He admitted it to several people but the one who counts for me is Lloyd Fisher. Since I am familiar with Fisher's material he wasn't the type to make... more
    • Re: denied it — steve for mike, Wed May 22 12:53
      • Re: denied itMichael, Thu May 23 09:32
        Wrong Reporter Steve.
        • Re: denied itsteve for mike, Thu May 23 10:55
          I didn't think there was more liars
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