Michael 5260
Wed May 22, 2019 15:13

If you should ever decide to authenticate the Decatur 3-7154 telephone number, written in Hauptmann's closet, here is some useful information about numbers that can be applied to your analysis.

Hand printing and handwritten numerals are as susceptible to identification as cursive writing.

Numbers, in their individual forms, sizes, and relationships within groups of numerals reveal writer habit.

Numbers can reveal peculiar writer habits that can be helpful in identifying the writer.

Often, no attempt is made to alter numerals so they may be the key to identifying the writer.

Numbers usually consist of only one stroke although the numbers 4 and 5 sometimes have two strokes.

Three fundamental factors are involved in the identification of numerals. Form, writing quality or movement, and variation.

Numeral design has individual aspects but is influenced by formal training. A writer derives his personalized manner of writing numbers from the system they were taught in school. Writers educated in the United States may write numbers with an "accent" different from that of writers taught in Europe.

Writers develop individual habits that, while reflecting some aspects of their original training, distinguish their numerals from others.

The writing of numbers is unconsciously personalized, habitual, and different from what was first learned in school.

Most intended forgers are not conscious of the characteristics that exist in numbers.

Determining the characteristics of numbers is similar to that of hand printing. This involves slant, size, space, alignment, pressure, zones, rhythm, angle and curvature formations.

    • the phone number on the wallbob mills for michael 5260, Wed May 22 18:12
      All well and good. But why the hell would anyone write someone's phone number on a closet wall, when that same person doesn't even have a telephone, for God's sake? Isn't that a bit like buying... more
      • Re: the phone number on the wallMichael 5260 for Bob Mills, Thu May 23 11:46
        The answer is a simple one. Hauptmann needed the address and telephone number when he was communicating with Dr. Condon. It makes no difference that he didn't have a telephone in his apartment.... more
      • closet writingRichard E Sloan, Thu May 23 10:06
        Well put Bob! Michael says that Fawcett was very reliable. I missed something, Michael -- what does he have t do with the Cassidy claim? (I also read somewhere that Tom C. bragged that he had claimed ... more
        • Re: closet writingMichael For Richard, Thu May 23 10:29
          "Michael 5260" used to post as "Script." I am just "Michael" (Michael M) so we are two different posters and I completely disagree with the position Script has held since the start. He's painted... more
      • Re: the phone number on the wallMichael For Bob, Thu May 23 09:55
        This is a good point Bob. This whole debate is certainly worth-while and its why I spent so much time researching the subject. 60 pages and 200 footnotes. No one on the planet did more research on... more
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