bob mills for michael 5260
the phone number on the wall
Wed May 22, 2019 18:12

All well and good. But why the hell would anyone write someone's phone number on a closet wall, when that same person doesn't even have a telephone, for God's sake? Isn't that a bit like buying gasoline when you don't own an automobile?

  • NumeralsMichael 5260, Wed May 22 15:13
    If you should ever decide to authenticate the Decatur 3-7154 telephone number, written in Hauptmann's closet, here is some useful information about numbers that can be applied to your analysis. Hand... more
    • the phone number on the wall — bob mills for michael 5260, Wed May 22 18:12
      • Re: the phone number on the wallMichael 5260 for Bob Mills, Thu May 23 11:46
        The answer is a simple one. Hauptmann needed the address and telephone number when he was communicating with Dr. Condon. It makes no difference that he didn't have a telephone in his apartment.... more
      • closet writingRichard E Sloan, Thu May 23 10:06
        Well put Bob! Michael says that Fawcett was very reliable. I missed something, Michael -- what does he have t do with the Cassidy claim? (I also read somewhere that Tom C. bragged that he had claimed ... more
        • Re: closet writingMichael For Richard, Thu May 23 10:29
          "Michael 5260" used to post as "Script." I am just "Michael" (Michael M) so we are two different posters and I completely disagree with the position Script has held since the start. He's painted... more
      • Re: the phone number on the wallMichael For Bob, Thu May 23 09:55
        This is a good point Bob. This whole debate is certainly worth-while and its why I spent so much time researching the subject. 60 pages and 200 footnotes. No one on the planet did more research on... more
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