Michael For Bob
Re: the phone number on the wall
Thu May 23, 2019 09:55

This is a good point Bob. This whole debate is certainly worth-while and its why I spent so much time researching the subject. 60 pages and 200 footnotes. No one on the planet did more research on this subject than I have.

So how is what I've found addressed?

Sometimes its ignored as if hoping it will go away. Other times with accusations that I've "ruined" the case! Or the assertion that I do "poor" research. And sometimes that I am a "Revisionist" or "Apologist." Its either these tactics - or research. Research would support my position, requires work, and isn't easy - so for them that's most definitely out.

I was looking forward to seeing MORE research but instead this seems to be the result from those who do not like what the source documentation proves. I'd say its strange but we've both seen over the years how many "like" certain things so they will never let go of it - no matter what. Mark once said that if anything ever happened to the material at the Archives he'd know who to come to in order to replace it. And he'd be right.

The man who wrote Condon's phone number there admitted it to several people. The most important was Lloyd Fisher. I've got a huge number of files of his material. No where have I found an example of him making up something like this, and there is much more information which complements and supports what he said.

Anyway I am going to stay out of this from now on. I really don't have time for it and few seem to care what's in the documentation or what I have to say anyway. I am almost done with V3 now where I intend to "ruin" more of this case with new facts on the J. J. Faulkner angle, demonstrate that a Juror was bribed, and finally solve Rail 16 once and for all. And again - I didn't write the any of the source documents - I am only the guy who has actually read them.

  • the phone number on the wallbob mills for michael 5260, Wed May 22 18:12
    All well and good. But why the hell would anyone write someone's phone number on a closet wall, when that same person doesn't even have a telephone, for God's sake? Isn't that a bit like buying... more
    • Re: the phone number on the wallMichael 5260 for Bob Mills, Thu May 23 11:46
      The answer is a simple one. Hauptmann needed the address and telephone number when he was communicating with Dr. Condon. It makes no difference that he didn't have a telephone in his apartment.... more
    • closet writingRichard E Sloan, Thu May 23 10:06
      Well put Bob! Michael says that Fawcett was very reliable. I missed something, Michael -- what does he have t do with the Cassidy claim? (I also read somewhere that Tom C. bragged that he had claimed ... more
      • Re: closet writingMichael For Richard, Thu May 23 10:29
        "Michael 5260" used to post as "Script." I am just "Michael" (Michael M) so we are two different posters and I completely disagree with the position Script has held since the start. He's painted... more
    • Re: the phone number on the wall — Michael For Bob, Thu May 23 09:55
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