Michael For Richard
Re: closet writing
Thu May 23, 2019 10:29

"Michael 5260" used to post as "Script."

I am just "Michael" (Michael M) so we are two different posters and I completely disagree with the position Script has held since the start. He's painted himself into a corner that he will never get himself out of.

I didn't mention Fawcett. I said Lloyd Fisher. You mention "Cassidy" and this claim has always been wrong. It's why most books cannot be absolutely trusted. A Reporter wrote the number but was misidentified as Cassidy. Since that error was often repeated History recorded it was him because of that mistake.

The Reporter who wrote the phone number was Henry "Hank" Paynter. Everything I've found on the matter is in V2 pages 501-562.

  • closet writingRichard E Sloan, Thu May 23 10:06
    Well put Bob! Michael says that Fawcett was very reliable. I missed something, Michael -- what does he have t do with the Cassidy claim? (I also read somewhere that Tom C. bragged that he had claimed ... more
    • Re: closet writing — Michael For Richard, Thu May 23 10:29
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