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Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Sat May 25, 2019 14:20

A couple of things...

I think you are taking a leap of faith in several places as way of justifying your dismissal of this fact. It assumes Paynter acted alone. It assumes Paynter was the first to "find" something. It assumes what Paynter would do (or would not do). It also assumes a specific motive. So what you've done is replace Paynter with yourself - then wrote a novel surrounding the facts as you've invented them. Apply your same logic to explain why "Sedgwick" was smeared away. He's "worried" about that being discovered but not everything else? Sure that's it. Also apply it to explain away the fact the address and phone number clearly look as if written by different people.

Now what exactly are the facts?

Reporters pulled this type of stuff and I've given several examples. Paynter pulled this type of stuff and I've given one example but there are more if one is willing to research it. Paynter admitted it to several people but also claimed he'd deny it if it ever became public. There is PROOF that Paynter asked to speak with the Defense during the trial about something "Important." Fisher told several people that Paynter admitted this to him.

Are there any examples of Fisher making something like this up anywhere in his material? One would have to research this question or ask someone who already has in order to answer it. Don't ask Script, he's on record as saying Reporters wouldn't have Condon's phone number for God's sake. This isn't Fisher's "position" on something - it is a statement of fact. If one were to ask me I would say that I've investigated everything similar and found Fisher's accounts to be truthful.

So now the last question would be for you Joe. Who is lying in your opinion? Paynter? Fisher? Or Me? Why is Hauptmann writing a smooth address but a stuttering phone number with hesitations and numbers formed differently? Gap in the "4," a crooked bottom of the "7" that's formed differently at the top, a "1" going in three different directions, and a cockeyed "3" Now look again at the address.

Look - I know that Jesus Christ himself could tell you I'm right and you'd still disagree. Again, if I was writing the source documentation I would have said it much differently. So I am bound by what IS in them. Next, I'd also recommend that you follow this up at the Archives during your visit but I think its useless at this point. I'm going to leave this to Script so he can continue to tell everyone what to believe based on the research he's never done.


  • The Henry Paynter StoryJoe, Sat May 25 10:39
    It's out there that Lloyd Fisher, Hauptmann's defense attorney, claimed an investigative reporter by the name of Henry Paynter told him that he (Paynter) was the one who wrote John Condon's phone... more
    • Re: The Henry Paynter Story — Michael For Joe, Sat May 25 14:20
      • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael, Sat Jun 1 09:59
        You think I'M taking a leap of faith here? No Michael, I've just presented a very valid reason why Henry Paynter would have been an idiot for doing what was claimed by Lloyd Fisher and Governor... more
        • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Sat Jun 1 11:13
          Again, if you look at just the few examples I gave in V2 your claim about being an "idiot" would apply to those instances too. And yet it occurred ... again, and again, and again. So on the surface I ... more
          • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael, Tue Jun 4 11:24
            I don't know why Paynter would lie to Fisher, but then again, I'm a bit more objective than to conclude that Paynter actually did tell him this without something more substantial, especially in the... more
            • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Tue Jun 4 12:15
              Fisher was a defense lawyer then later the Hunterdon County Prosecutor. He made these statements about Paynter admitting this to him across both positions over a span of two decades. Nothing about it ... more
    • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260, Sat May 25 12:35
      C. Lloyd Fisher had to have been the most incompetent attorney in the history of the legal profession not to take action on the Henry Paynter story. That's if the story were true, which Fisher... more
      • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe, Sat May 25 13:37
        What you say is true, Michael. In any case, it's clear to me that no one in his right mind would have added Condon's phone number under the address. If any reporter had found incriminating writing on ... more
        • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Sun May 26 08:57
          Joe, what was the name of the bubblehead that opined that the 3-7154 telephone number was a forgery.
          • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Mon May 27 08:09
            Not sure, but I think you're referring to Edward Oehler. The latest reference to his comparison is in Dark Corners, Volume 2. You can find the relevant pages if you Google "Edward Oehler Lindbergh."... more
            • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Mon May 27 13:01
              I went looking for information about Edward Oehler. I didn't find anything. I may have to see if something was published in a pulp True Detective magazine where the word "true" is dubious. I did come ... more
              • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Tue May 28 07:49
                Michael, is there enough sample writing on the closet trim to determine whether or not Hauptmann was the author?
                • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Tue May 28 10:37
                  We can see that if Henry Paynter wanted to write the 3-7154 telephone number as an imitation of Hauptmann's numerals, a convincing imitation, he did not have enough numbers to use as models from... more
                  • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Tue May 28 14:18
                    I would agree with your findings Michael, as I've previously compared these individual numbers from my copies of Hauptmann's memorandum books and California trip log. And it's really quite... more
                    • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Wed May 29 08:46
                      Joe: Could you ask Script to post/upload a copy of the high-resolution picture(s) he must have taken of the actual molding which he then used to draw his conclusions? Also ask under what... more
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