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Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Mon May 27, 2019 08:09

Not sure, but I think you're referring to Edward Oehler. The latest reference to his comparison is in Dark Corners, Volume 2. You can find the relevant pages if you Google "Edward Oehler Lindbergh." There's no indication as to what his credentials were other than that he wrote an article detailing his findings which seems to have been embraced by Governor Hoffman. What I found interesting was how Oehler went to some pretty extreme lengths to showcase his interpretation of the variations seen within the numbers "9", "7" and "4" between the address and phone number, as well as the angular differences in the formation of the digits. This comparison has always reminded me a bit of Trendley's testimony, in which he basically demonstrated to the jury that Hauptmann wrote the ransom notes, even though he apparently believed he was showing clear and widespread differences. And Oehler obviously avoided talking about the "3" following "Sedgewick." Why? Probably because it's written just the way Hauptmann wrote his "3". (Haring - Hand of Hauptmann) I've always considered Oehler's conclusions very weak and that they actually favour Hauptmann having penned everything written on the closet trim. I look forward to your impressions.

  • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Sun May 26 08:57
    Joe, what was the name of the bubblehead that opined that the 3-7154 telephone number was a forgery.
    • Re: The Henry Paynter Story — Joe for Michael 5260, Mon May 27 08:09
      • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Mon May 27 13:01
        I went looking for information about Edward Oehler. I didn't find anything. I may have to see if something was published in a pulp True Detective magazine where the word "true" is dubious. I did come ... more
        • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Tue May 28 07:49
          Michael, is there enough sample writing on the closet trim to determine whether or not Hauptmann was the author?
          • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael 5260 for Joe, Tue May 28 10:37
            We can see that if Henry Paynter wanted to write the 3-7154 telephone number as an imitation of Hauptmann's numerals, a convincing imitation, he did not have enough numbers to use as models from... more
            • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Tue May 28 14:18
              I would agree with your findings Michael, as I've previously compared these individual numbers from my copies of Hauptmann's memorandum books and California trip log. And it's really quite... more
              • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Wed May 29 08:46
                Joe: Could you ask Script to post/upload a copy of the high-resolution picture(s) he must have taken of the actual molding which he then used to draw his conclusions? Also ask under what... more
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