Michael For Joe
Re: Bruno's responses
Mon May 27, 2019 08:37

Unfortunately Joe it is in the source documentation - and as I demonstrated - it is anything but clear.

And so it appears, in an attempt to mock the amount of research I've done, that you actually want LESS information to consider. It's always been my position that the more to consider the closer we are to the truth.

  • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe, Thu May 23 10:28
    Michael, if it takes you 60 pages and 200 pages of research writing to conclude that a reporter wrote Condon's phone number on the closet trim, based on what Lloyd Fisher claims he was told by the... more
    • Re: Bruno's responses — Michael For Joe, Mon May 27 08:37
      • Re: Bruno's responsesJoe for Michael, Mon May 27 12:26
        Michael, I'm not mocking the amount of research you've done, but I disagree that more is necessarily more, as you seem to believe. That would entirely depend on the irrefutable veracity and relevance ... more
        • Re: Bruno's responsesMichael , Tue May 28 07:58
          And so, by your very own position, you can determine that relevance and veracity without ever seeing or knowing what that is? Look Joe, I wrote what I did to reveal everything available that is... more
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