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Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Tue May 28, 2019 14:18

I would agree with your findings Michael, as I've previously compared these individual numbers from my copies of Hauptmann's memorandum books and California trip log. And it's really quite interesting to see Hauptmann's natural variation from an fairly elegant style he used in business documents to the careless and haphazard style he used in some of his memo books, trip log and in the ransom notes. I guess he thought these more private and personal documents would never see the light of day in court. Perhaps he felt safe knowing the way he styled his writing for others to see would never lead back to him.

A point about writing ergonomics on the inside trim of a closet. It seems to me if someone wanted to pen something there, they would have started the writing (2974 Decatur Ave.) at an elevation that was comfortable in terms of arm and wrist angle and height, pen angle, lighting afforded, etc. If the same person decided to add something then or later on, under what they had already written, that actual process might be somewhat more difficult, and lend to a more laboured form resulting from a slower and more deliberate stroke. The relatively unsteady looking downstrokes, notably in "7" and "1", would seem to indicate this.

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    We can see that if Henry Paynter wanted to write the 3-7154 telephone number as an imitation of Hauptmann's numerals, a convincing imitation, he did not have enough numbers to use as models from... more
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        Joe: Could you ask Script to post/upload a copy of the high-resolution picture(s) he must have taken of the actual molding which he then used to draw his conclusions? Also ask under what... more
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