Michael For Joe
Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Wed May 29, 2019 08:46


Could you ask Script to post/upload a copy of the high-resolution picture(s) he must have taken of the actual molding which he then used to draw his conclusions? Also ask under what magnification they were made. I've looked at the molding myself under a magnifying glass but I certainly lack the tools an Expert like Script must have at his disposal. Its important for me to see what he's looking at because that writing is much worse for the wear today then it was then. But Script must already know that which is why that scan is so important. I'd also like to know what he thinks of the oft avoided "Sedgwick." Certainly he was able to see that much better under magnification using his special tools than the rest of us ever could. Thanks.

  • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael 5260, Tue May 28 14:18
    I would agree with your findings Michael, as I've previously compared these individual numbers from my copies of Hauptmann's memorandum books and California trip log. And it's really quite... more
    • Re: The Henry Paynter Story — Michael For Joe, Wed May 29 08:46
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