Joe for Michael
Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Sat Jun 1, 2019 09:59

You think I'M taking a leap of faith here? No Michael, I've just presented a very valid reason why Henry Paynter would have been an idiot for doing what was claimed by Lloyd Fisher and Governor Hoffman.

What I see you doing now is backpedaling a bit by claiming it may not have been Paynter who first discovered the Condon address. Or that Paynter was in cahoots with someone else. Did they have some kind of lottery going on here with the winner having the opportunity to add Condon's phone number? No, because anyone who discovered the address in the first place would have reported it for a REAL STORY, period. Look, I know reporters were doing stupid things all the time for a story, but for just a moment, let's assume they had what they considered to be, a valid reason. Any thoughts as to why Henry Paynter or anyone else for that matter, after discovering Condon's address on the closet trim, would have then added Condon's phone number, thereby effectively shooting themselves in the foot?

Next, who was Edward Oehler? Was he a Questioned Documents Examiner? You donít seem to provide any of his credentials. Or was he perhaps a jack-of-all-trades investigator whose expertise included a timely foray into handwriting examination, courtesy of the Lindbergh Kidnapping Case? Just curious if you've investigated him as well as you've seemingly embraced his findings.

You ask me who is lying here.. Paynter, Fisher or You?

Michael, I know you wouldn't do that and that youíre just the messenger here, relaying existing documentation.

Do I believe Fisher would make up something like this? Unlikely, but not beyond the realm of possibility for him to stretch the truth. I mean, he had to represent Hauptmann with a straight face in court, despite the fact he would have had to have been brain dead not to recognize he was complicit. Or maybe, he just thought Paynter's story wouldn't really help his client.. and of course it would not if Hauptmann had previously written Condon's address, would it?

Paynter? Perhaps he did know something and I feel his account may connect to my own theory that a reporter (believing it might have been Cassidy at the time) discovered Condon's address and phone number on the closet trim and then informed Inspector Bruckman about his find, expecting to claim the scoop. Ego-driven Bruckman serendipitously then goes directly to the writing, and claims the find all to himself. Reporter as a result, gets peeved and in retaliation, starts to talk and the story of him having written Condon's phone number is born. Just a theory, but one that rings much truer to me that a reporter going to the extent of knowingly blowing up his career by doing something as dumb as what Fisher and Hoffman were ranting about.

  • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Sat May 25 14:20
    A couple of things... I think you are taking a leap of faith in several places as way of justifying your dismissal of this fact. It assumes Paynter acted alone. It assumes Paynter was the first to... more
    • Re: The Henry Paynter Story — Joe for Michael, Sat Jun 1 09:59
      • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Sat Jun 1 11:13
        Again, if you look at just the few examples I gave in V2 your claim about being an "idiot" would apply to those instances too. And yet it occurred ... again, and again, and again. So on the surface I ... more
        • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryJoe for Michael, Tue Jun 4 11:24
          I don't know why Paynter would lie to Fisher, but then again, I'm a bit more objective than to conclude that Paynter actually did tell him this without something more substantial, especially in the... more
          • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Tue Jun 4 12:15
            Fisher was a defense lawyer then later the Hunterdon County Prosecutor. He made these statements about Paynter admitting this to him across both positions over a span of two decades. Nothing about it ... more
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