Michael For Joe
Re: Tremor
Sat Jun 1, 2019 11:57

He may not have one Joe. It just seemed to me that by the specifics in his posts that he's examining something. I know from research that preliminary findings can be made without them but rock solid conclusions are usually put on hold until the originals or high-res scans can be looked at. He might believe that isn't necessary here - I don't know. As I've also already said the trim isn't in the condition it was back then either so he might just be using pictures from 1934-5 before it was further altered or degraded.

  • Re: TremorJoe for Michael and Michael 5260, Sat Jun 1 10:05
    Okay guys, why don't we all take a look at the contemporaneous high resolution photo that Michael is talking about? That way everyone can see what is being claimed. No mysteries, no second guessing.. ... more
    • Re: TremorMichael 5260 for Joe, Sat Jun 1 13:10
      I examined the trim board writing with a stereoscopic microscope under florescent light, incandescent light, and LED side lighting. The writing was photographed with a 35mm camera using slow speed... more
      • Re: TremorMichael for Script, Sat Jun 1 14:36
        What was the point of xeroxing the trim if you have all of these photographs? Concerning the photographs - what magnification was used if any? Did you find the "S" "e" and "k" in "Sedgwick" to match... more
    • Re: Tremor — Michael For Joe, Sat Jun 1 11:57
      • Re: TremorJoe for Michael, Sat Jun 1 12:29
        Do you have one Michael, and if so can you post it? I do agree with you that more information is better, until that information can further be substantiated or refuted. I may be wrong but I believe... more
        • Re: TremorMichael For Joe, Sat Jun 1 12:53
          I don't have one. After I looked at it I remember commenting to Mark that the earlier pictures were better. I think this piece more than anything else was the most handled over the years and its led... more
          • Re: TremorJoe for Two Michaels, Sat Jun 1 15:16
            Okay, here's the best one I've got. I believe it's an FBI composite photo and shows the closet that the trim came out of. I've always felt the "k" in "Sedgewick" comes about as close to the the way... more
            • Re: TremorMichael, Sat Jun 1 16:31
              That's the NJSP evidence photo. The earliest was made in NY but this is still better than what currently exists as written on the actual trim now. I remember how I could hardly see "Decatur" except... more
              • Re: TremorJoe for Michael, Sun Jun 2 10:08
                What I find most interesting is the timing of that "k" in the closet in relation to the period involving the writing of the ransom notes. It's a trademark of the ransom notes, and perhaps in the mind ... more
                • Re: TremorMichael For Joe, Sun Jun 2 12:36
                  I cannot say about the hesitation in "Sedgwick" other than to agree (!!!) I don't see it in either that strange "S" or the "k." I do see it in the Phone Numbers but NOT in the address. I guess we... more
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