Guarding the Second Lindbergh Baby
Sat Jun 1, 2019 12:38

The crime writer, Alan Hynd, wrote a series of articles that appeared in the Atlanta Constitution in July 1933.

The articles all appeared on Sundays -- July 9, July 16, and July 23.

On July 8, 1933, there was an introduction to the articles that were about to appear, reading:

Guarding the Second Lindbergh Baby On An Armed, Fortified Millionaire Estate:

Alert detectives, barbed wire fences, chained driveways, watchdogs and a complex network of private phones, all employed in the high resolve to shield this famous infant by the most up-to-date means known to wealth and science, are described by Alan Hynd, outstanding writer who has "covered" the Lindbergh case constantly since its inception.

All the articles have the same title:

"Guarding the Second Lindbergh Baby on an Armed, Fortified Millionaire Estate"

July 9, 1933:

July 16, 1933:

July 23, 1933:

    • OCR ScrambledSue, Sat Jun 1 13:02
      Click on the initials "OCR" to read the text of each article.
      • Re: OCR ScrambledJoe for Sue, Sat Jun 1 14:58
        Thanks Sue for posting these. And I finally discovered the OCR option! Like you say, not easy to follow the text, but you get a good idea.
        • I was able to get copies of the articles sent to me. Background information about the Morrow servants. Alan Hynd got "up close and personal" at the Morrow estate in Englewood in 1933. Louis... more
    • 1933 Atlanta Constitution ArticlesSue, Sat Jun 1 12:55
      Has anyone ever seen these articles before I posted them? Alan Hynd wrote for several magazines, and Anthony Scaduto relied on Hynd for some of his book. (See the index in Scapegoat.) Hynd is the... more
      • Some Hynd writingsSam for Sue, Wed Jun 5 14:42
        Here are some chapters/articles that Hynd wrote on the LKC. Magazines Confidential  January, 1954 “Was the kidnaped baby ever really found?” by Alan Hynd Liberty January, March, May, 1935 The ... more
        • Hi, Sam!Sue for Sam, Sat Jun 8 16:03
          Hi Sam! As you show, Alan Hynd wrote extensively about the LKC! Thankfully, your bibliographies include so many of the sources on the Lindbergh kidnapping! I know that they have greatly helped so... more
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