Michael for Script
Re: Tremor
Sat Jun 1, 2019 14:36

What was the point of xeroxing the trim if you have all of these photographs? Concerning the photographs - what magnification was used if any? Did you find the "S" "e" and "k" in "Sedgwick" to match any of Hauptmann's known writing? If so, which standards did you use?

Could you stop talking about stool samples and upload the best quality of them so instead we can try to see you've been yapping about for the last 10+ years?

  • Re: TremorMichael 5260 for Joe, Sat Jun 1 13:10
    I examined the trim board writing with a stereoscopic microscope under florescent light, incandescent light, and LED side lighting. The writing was photographed with a 35mm camera using slow speed... more
    • Re: Tremor — Michael for Script, Sat Jun 1 14:36
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