Re: Tremor
Sat Jun 1, 2019 16:31

That's the NJSP evidence photo. The earliest was made in NY but this is still better than what currently exists as written on the actual trim now. I remember how I could hardly see "Decatur" except for the "r." The "9" is almost gone now too. Hopefully you will see what I am talking about if Script decides to share.

Your observation about the "k" is interesting. First because all Experts who testified in Flemington claimed the "k" in the ransom notes was disguised. Next, because nowhere in ANY of Hauptmann's standards does he make a "k" like those in the ransom notes. That was something they really wanted to find but could not. So how does the idea work that he's disguising the "k" here but writes normally everywhere else on the trim as well as everywhere his normal handwriting exists? Are you picking up what I am putting down? I also remember seeing the strange "S" in Sedgwick in an old photo too and that is something I cannot get around either. Maybe Script's photos will show "Sedgwick" better and you'll be able to see that for yourself. I would expect they would.

  • Re: TremorJoe for Two Michaels, Sat Jun 1 15:16
    Okay, here's the best one I've got. I believe it's an FBI composite photo and shows the closet that the trim came out of. I've always felt the "k" in "Sedgewick" comes about as close to the the way... more
    • Re: Tremor — Michael, Sat Jun 1 16:31
      • Re: TremorJoe for Michael, Sun Jun 2 10:08
        What I find most interesting is the timing of that "k" in the closet in relation to the period involving the writing of the ransom notes. It's a trademark of the ransom notes, and perhaps in the mind ... more
        • Re: TremorMichael For Joe, Sun Jun 2 12:36
          I cannot say about the hesitation in "Sedgwick" other than to agree (!!!) I don't see it in either that strange "S" or the "k." I do see it in the Phone Numbers but NOT in the address. I guess we... more
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