Joe for Michael
Re: Tremor
Sun Jun 2, 2019 10:08

What I find most interesting is the timing of that "k" in the closet in relation to the period involving the writing of the ransom notes. It's a trademark of the ransom notes, and perhaps in the mind of the writer, a bit of a "trophy" as well. There is no demonstrated hesitation within the writing of "Sedgewick" in the way Oehler has made hay with "3-7154," but conveniently avoided the missive above it. This is Hauptmann all the way, Michael.

  • Re: TremorMichael, Sat Jun 1 16:31
    That's the NJSP evidence photo. The earliest was made in NY but this is still better than what currently exists as written on the actual trim now. I remember how I could hardly see "Decatur" except... more
    • Re: Tremor — Joe for Michael, Sun Jun 2 10:08
      • Re: TremorMichael For Joe, Sun Jun 2 12:36
        I cannot say about the hesitation in "Sedgwick" other than to agree (!!!) I don't see it in either that strange "S" or the "k." I do see it in the Phone Numbers but NOT in the address. I guess we... more
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