Michael For Joe
Re: Tremor
Sun Jun 2, 2019 12:36

I cannot say about the hesitation in "Sedgwick" other than to agree (!!!) I don't see it in either that strange "S" or the "k." I do see it in the Phone Numbers but NOT in the address.

I guess we we'll just have to agree to disagree for now.

I suppose there's a reason why "most" QDEs don't conclude anything until they see the originals or high quality photos. Not all because I've been around long enough to see one who claimed a conclusion was drawn from old newspaper pictures. I also remember one going to the Archives to study the Notes #1 & #2 and concluded they were NOT torn from the same page. A "rebellion" ensued and he flip-flopped faster than a politician. I've also seen an "expert" claim the words "Pott Soap" was "Pox Soap." Why? Because he wanted to see an "x." Turns out it was actually "tt." So this shows nobody is above making a mistake, and I guess all of the great gadgets and tools may not prevent it.

So call me a skeptic.

  • Re: TremorJoe for Michael, Sun Jun 2 10:08
    What I find most interesting is the timing of that "k" in the closet in relation to the period involving the writing of the ransom notes. It's a trademark of the ransom notes, and perhaps in the mind ... more
    • Re: Tremor — Michael For Joe, Sun Jun 2 12:36
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