Joe for Michael
Re: The Henry Paynter Story
Tue Jun 4, 2019 11:24

I don't know why Paynter would lie to Fisher, but then again, I'm a bit more objective than to conclude that Paynter actually did tell him this without something more substantial, especially in the form of some kind of Fisher-inspired legal response, to back it up. It's speculative. What I actually see as circumstantial physical evidence on the closet trim is quite telling in my own mind.

  • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Sat Jun 1 11:13
    Again, if you look at just the few examples I gave in V2 your claim about being an "idiot" would apply to those instances too. And yet it occurred ... again, and again, and again. So on the surface I ... more
    • Re: The Henry Paynter Story — Joe for Michael, Tue Jun 4 11:24
      • Re: The Henry Paynter StoryMichael For Joe, Tue Jun 4 12:15
        Fisher was a defense lawyer then later the Hunterdon County Prosecutor. He made these statements about Paynter admitting this to him across both positions over a span of two decades. Nothing about it ... more
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