bob mills
more lindy trivia
Wed Jun 5, 2019 10:38

Lindy was brother-in-law to Aubrey Morgan twice, because after Elisabeth Morrow died, Morgan married Anne's sister Constance.

One of the first people Lindy visited in Paris after the trans-Atlantic flight was the mother of Charles Nungesser, who had disappeared aboard L'Oiseau Blanc 10 days earlier while attempting the first Paris-New York flight for the Orteig Prize. The plane was never found, despite rigorous efforts by TIGHAR.

The best man at my wedding was Tony Dill of Darien, who dated Anne Lindbergh in high school and attended classes with Land Lindbergh, whom he remembered as a budding scientist.

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    Five days prior to Lindbergh's death, Warner Bros. Television announced it had bought the rights to George Waller's 1961 book, "Kidnap." The next day, Columbia Pictures Television announced it had... more
    • more lindy trivia — bob mills, Wed Jun 5 10:38
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