Sam for Sue
Some Hynd writings
Wed Jun 5, 2019 14:42

Here are some chapters/articles that Hynd wrote on the LKC.

 January, 1954 “Was the kidnaped baby ever really found?”
by Alan Hynd

January, March, May, 1935 The Lindbergh Kidnap capture (Hynd)

99. Hynd. Alan. 1945. The Giant Killers. (Chapter 5 - “The Intelligence Unit Encounters Murder”). Robert M. McBride.

100. Hynd, Alan. 1958. Murder Mayhem and Mystery: An Album of American Crime. (Pages 13-44 – “Why the Lindbergh Case Was Never Solved” and Pages 375- 404 - “Gaston Bullock Means: Con Cum Laude”). A. S. Barnes.

  • 1933 Atlanta Constitution ArticlesSue, Sat Jun 1 12:55
    Has anyone ever seen these articles before I posted them? Alan Hynd wrote for several magazines, and Anthony Scaduto relied on Hynd for some of his book. (See the index in Scapegoat.) Hynd is the... more
    • Some Hynd writings — Sam for Sue, Wed Jun 5 14:42
      • Hi, Sam!Sue for Sam, Sat Jun 8 16:03
        Hi Sam! As you show, Alan Hynd wrote extensively about the LKC! Thankfully, your bibliographies include so many of the sources on the Lindbergh kidnapping! I know that they have greatly helped so... more
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