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Hi, Sam!
Sat Jun 8, 2019 16:03

Hi Sam!

As you show, Alan Hynd wrote extensively about the LKC!

Thankfully, your bibliographies include so many of the sources on the Lindbergh kidnapping!

I know that they have greatly helped so many researchers over the years!

I believe there is still so many more sources to uncover about the kidnapping.

I say uncover because I believe there are many sources about the Lindbergh kidnapping that are deeply hidden and embedded in the Internet.

And that's not to say that the hidden things will exonerate Hauptmann -- the hidden things just color in more of the complete story about the Lindbergh case.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again...

The Lindbergh case has absolutely helped increase my knowledge base about the world!

I am from Long Island, but only because I research the Lindbergh case did I learn about Jac Bulk and Bulk's Nurseries in Babylon, on Long Island! (Yes, Jac is spelled without the k! He was a native of Holland.)

Bulk's Nurseries is no longer here, but Babylon due to its excellent soil for tulips and other plants was once the place of an annual Tulip Festival and Parade. (There was a huge windmill on the property that was demolished in 1983.)

Bulk's Nurseries was corresponding with George Anderson in 1935 about tree transplanting at Highfields.

I believe George was the Scottish gardener that Anne Lindbergh discusses in Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead and Locked Rooms and Open Doors.

In the indexes of those two books mentioned above, under the letter "G" you will find: George (gardener).

By deduction, I believe she is referring to George Anderson.

  • Some Hynd writingsSam for Sue, Wed Jun 5 14:42
    Here are some chapters/articles that Hynd wrote on the LKC. Magazines Confidential  January, 1954 “Was the kidnaped baby ever really found?” by Alan Hynd Liberty January, March, May, 1935 The ... more
    • Hi, Sam! — Sue for Sam, Sat Jun 8 16:03
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