George Anderson vs. George T. Cowe
Sun Jun 9, 2019 14:45

I'm not sure whether the Scottish gardener that Anne Lindbergh alludes to in Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead and Locked Rooms and Open Doors is George Anderson or George T. Cowe.

George Anderson and George T. Cowe are very Scottish names!

The only reference to George T. Cowe that I could find in the Lindbergh books, kidnapping or otherwise, was in The Airman and the Carpenter by Ludovic Kennedy. (See page 89)

Cowe is referenced in Kennedy's book only to say that Cowe stole gas from the Morrow estate. I have no idea where Kennedy got that information from.

(Also, in the same sentence, Kennedy says that the second Morrow chauffeur, Ellison [Henry Ellerson], seems to have thrown pool parties when the Morrows were out of town.)

Apparently, George T. Cowe was a gardener, but he was also the Superintendent of the Morrow estate.

I got information about horticulturally-minded George Cowe from gardening journals where his name seems to have appeared all over the place in the 1930s, 1940, and 1950's!

  • George AndersonSue , Sat Jun 8 16:28
    Is Scottish gardener, George Anderson, in the running along with Lee Hurley and Theodore Kuchtlak (sp?) Was George Anderson one more watchman at the Highfields estate, just as Hurley and Kuchtlak... more
    • George T. Cowe won many blue ribbons over the years for his gardening skills and experience. Besides many newspaper articles, The Chrysanthemum Bulletin, Gardeners' Chronicle of America, and... more
      • Here is his statement if by chance you haven't seen it yet: I always believed Burns was talking about "Rudolph Schueltzer" but your theory is certainly a worthy alternative. ... more
        • Morrow & Lindbergh EmployeesSue, Fri Jun 14 20:34
          Thanks for Cowe's statement. Do you know if Cowe was Scottish? Might he have been the Scottish gardener that Anne Lindbergh refers to in her books? I don't think Burns said the Morrow gardener who... more
          • Re: Morrow & Lindbergh EmployeesMichael For Sue, Tue Jun 18 09:18
            Sorry for the delay. I've been searching for something I have that Mark put together which lists each and every past and present servant to include where they were from. Unfortunately I can't find it ... more
            • Re: Morrow & Lindbergh EmployeesSue, Sat Jun 22 13:37
              Thanks for the list. Yes, the country where these servants originated from would be very helpful.
              • Re: Morrow & Lindbergh EmployeesMichael For Sue, Sun Jun 23 11:09
                I know its somewhere but I just can't find it unfortunately. Part of the reason might be because I have about 60 files pulled at the moment so I have material all over the place. I want to check my... more
    • George Anderson vs. George T. Cowe — Sue, Sun Jun 9 14:45
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