Michael For Joe
Re: Seeing
Tue Jun 11, 2019 11:42

First of all I am convinced that "Pott Soap" was written by Hauptmann. It's what they obviously used to wash out their pots and pans. I highlighted this by my point about the "Camp Milk." It's this notion that "Pott Soap" isn't supposed to make any sense. "Camp Milk" and "Pott Soap" are both indicative of the language used for the items they had on their trip. They weren't staying in hotels, and they cooked outside over a campfire.

For me it is CRYSTAL clear that there is no way in HELL that its "Box" Soap. That is a "P" and absolutely meant to be. That is NOT an "x." Look at how BIG it is. He mispelled "Pot" and crossed both "t"s in the exact same way he did in "street" "Christ" "Pinehurst" etc. The only difference here is that there are two ts so he's overlapping.

It's no mystery.

  • Re: SeeingJoe for Michael, Tue Jun 11 11:10
    Michael, I originally thought it was "Pott Soap" but I now lean much more to Hauptmann having intended to write "Box" here, simply having screwed up, as he has demonstrated on countless occasions in... more
    • Re: Seeing — Michael For Joe, Tue Jun 11 11:42
      • Re: SeeingJoe for Michael, Tue Jun 11 12:14
        I have no idea how you've managing to draw some kind of comparison with brief expense notations made in a memo book, written by two different people, ie. "Camp Milk" and "Po-- Soap." And of course... more
        • Re: SeeingMichael For Joe, Tue Jun 11 13:38
          Okay great. In an attempt to neutralize what I've written you have me doing two things: Speculating and having an Ulterior Motive. Let's see how this shakes out. YOU WROTE: I believe what's happened... more
          • Re: SeeingJoe for the Michaels, Sun Jun 16 09:37
            Reflecting back to my original point about the cost of this entry, "Po-- Soap" in Hauptmann's memo book, and considering his exemplified letter "t" and "x" formations, I think I would have to agree... more
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