Michael For Joe
Re: Seeing
Tue Jun 11, 2019 13:38

Okay great. In an attempt to neutralize what I've written you have me doing two things: Speculating and having an Ulterior Motive. Let's see how this shakes out.


I believe what's happened here is that he's momentarily assimilated in his mind, that unusual form of the "x" and the German style crossed "t".

That is an example of "speculation." However, you seem to think that actual documentation that QUOTES someone is speculative. So if you tell me something and I write it down then I'm "speculating." If this is the case there's nothing the word "speculation" won't apply to.

On this matter I have the notebook. I have ALL the notebooks. In fact, I have everything Hauptmann ever wrote that is at the NJSP Archives. Next, what did I do with everything? I've read it and I've studied it over and over for about 20 years. So no - nothing about what I've done is "brief." So I'll write it again - it is CRYSTAL clear to ME. If you want to call that "speculation" as a way of devaluing what I see then by all means go ahead.

Next, I am not rebutting you or your position. I am stating the obvious. There are places where I can see room for debate. This is NOT one of them. Over the years both you and I have been mistaken about things, learned from those mistakes, and then adjusted accordingly. On this particular matter there is nothing I "want" here. What would I "want" anyway? I've been on record since 2010 as saying I do not know if Hauptmann wrote those notes or not. I haven't changed my mind. So what does it matter, and what is it I "want?" Besides the truth?

Finally look at the examples I cited above. Just look at them. Or any you like. Is the "P" in "Pinehurst" a mistake? Was the "t?" Was Hauptmann thinking "Binehursx?" So how do any of these observations help or hurt a position about ransom notes that I do not hold?

Once again - there is NO mystery here. "Pott Soap." No big deal. There are plenty of things that are less clear. Script is wrong.

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    I have no idea how you've managing to draw some kind of comparison with brief expense notations made in a memo book, written by two different people, ie. "Camp Milk" and "Po-- Soap." And of course... more
    • Re: Seeing — Michael For Joe, Tue Jun 11 13:38
      • Re: SeeingJoe for the Michaels, Sun Jun 16 09:37
        Reflecting back to my original point about the cost of this entry, "Po-- Soap" in Hauptmann's memo book, and considering his exemplified letter "t" and "x" formations, I think I would have to agree... more
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