Now 7 Good Years for the Morrows?
Sat Jun 15, 2019 15:59

On July 4, 1937, The New York Daily News ran an article called:

"Now 7 Good Years For the Morrows?"

By 1937, Mrs. Dwight W.
Morrow's children, Dwight Jr. and Constance, had gotten married, and her grandson, Land, was born.

Life was getting better for Mrs. Morrow.

Some of the pictures with this article are interesting, especially the one of Anne's sister, Elisabeth Morrow, walking down the steps of a plane. (She was returning to the States from Europe in 1932.)

The picture of Elisabeth in this 1937 article is a better one than the one Noel Behn has in his book. It's the same photo, except this one includes more of the guy behind her as they are coming down the steps of the plane. I think that man might be Aubrey Morgan.

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