Joe for the Michaels
Re: Seeing
Sun Jun 16, 2019 09:37

Reflecting back to my original point about the cost of this entry, "Po-- Soap" in Hauptmann's memo book, and considering his exemplified letter "t" and "x" formations, I think I would have to agree with Michael M that this particular entry was intended to represent the purchase of a "Pot and Soap" and that "Pot" was simply spelled with double "t's." The standard price for a box of Lux laundry soap, was about 20 cents back in 1931, which is a far cry from 90 cents. Therefore, it may be safe to venture that the 70 cent shortfall was made up by the purchase of one sturdy pot designed for use over a campfire.

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    Okay great. In an attempt to neutralize what I've written you have me doing two things: Speculating and having an Ulterior Motive. Let's see how this shakes out. YOU WROTE: I believe what's happened... more
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