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Re: See (Double Addendum)
Tue Jun 18, 2019 14:25

Joe, notice how the words "Essen" and "Boad" are not supported by any other words with them to tell a person exactly what Hauptmann was writing about. As you mentioned, "Essen" means to eat or dine. It can also mean lunch, dinner, cooking, meal. Without the word appearing in some kind of sentence it's impossible to determine what Hauptmann was thinking about when he made the entry.

The same thing goes for the word "Boad." We have the amount written but we would not know that the word pertained to a boat trip without Hauptmann's explanation.

Going back to the "pox"/"pott" difficulty. The only bit of help we have here is the word "soap." We know the disputed word preceding it must have something to do with "soap." I think everyone can agree on that observation. Maybe.

I still haven't found anything significant about "pot" or "pott" soap. There is a company, Advantage Chemicals, that makes "Pot Soap" that comes in a 5-gallon bucket. The words "Pot Soap" are printed on the label. This company provides soaps to restaurants, hotels, etc. I imagine you can buy their product if you want to.

There is another company, Noble Chemical Inc., that manufactures "Pot & Pan" soap. The words are printed on the label and their main customers are also restaurants, hotels, etc.

I doubt either of the two companies existed in 1931.

Did Hauptmann buy some kind of vessel or kettle that cost .90 cents? Since he was writing in English I would expect the entry in the notebook to read "Soap Pot." Would Hauptmann need a container specifically designed for soap? That's if there is such a thing. I also don't think the Hauptmann's were going to be making homemade soap while on their vacation so they needed a special pot in which to make the soap.

Joe, we only need one example of Hauptmann writing the word "pott" somewhere else in order to resolve the issue. We know he spelled the word "box" as "pox" in one of the ransom notes and the writing structure at the end of the word has a disturbing similarity to the writing structure at the end of the word in Hauptmann's notebook.

It's too bad Hauptmann isn't alive. We could ask him. He would probably tell us, "I can't make it out."

  • Re: See (Double Addendum)Joe for Michael 5260, Mon Jun 17 15:19
    That word in his memo book looks to me as though it's spelled with the German style double crossed "t." I believe the formal version of that crossing is a bit lower on the "t" stems, but it's what... more
    • Re: See (Double Addendum) — Michael 5260 for Joe, Tue Jun 18 14:25
      • Case ClosedJoe for Michael 5260, Wed Jun 19 09:50
        Michael, please examine this example of what is clearly a crossed double "t" in Hauptmann's memo book to compare with the last two letters in "Po--". https://ibb.co/0BZL99C The entry "Eintritt" which ... more
        • Re: Case ClosedMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jun 19 15:18
          An excellent finding Joe. I agree that the two final "t's" in the word Eintritt have the classical German style t-bars. The same word, Eintritt, on the same page without the t-bars does also show... more
          • Re: Case ClosedJoe for Michael 5260, Fri Jun 21 09:15
            Sure Michael, I'll take a look at the word "Boad" but you may be preaching to the long-converted here. Why don't you start a new thread and address it to the Board?
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