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Case Closed
Wed Jun 19, 2019 09:50

Michael, please examine this example of what is clearly a crossed double "t" in Hauptmann's memo book to compare with the last two letters in "Po--".

The entry "Eintritt" which actually means "entry." This perhaps refers to entry of their vehicle into a state park, or some other venue. And this is a great example of Hauptmann at his mercurial spelling best, when it comes to the letter "t".

In the same column, he spells "Eintritt" with, 1. uncrossed "t's" and also with, 2. the Germanic style crossing. Now compare the Germanic style "t" crossing in the second "Eintritt", with the word "Po--"

Irrespective of the fact a box of soap would not have cost 90 cents in 1931, based on this Hauptmann handwriting example, I'd now positively conclude that mystery word is "Pott", ie. the German spelling for "Pot". The purchase was for a pot and some soap.

  • Re: See (Double Addendum)Michael 5260 for Joe, Tue Jun 18 14:25
    Joe, notice how the words "Essen" and "Boad" are not supported by any other words with them to tell a person exactly what Hauptmann was writing about. As you mentioned, "Essen" means to eat or dine.... more
    • Case Closed — Joe for Michael 5260, Wed Jun 19 09:50
      • Re: Case ClosedMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jun 19 15:18
        An excellent finding Joe. I agree that the two final "t's" in the word Eintritt have the classical German style t-bars. The same word, Eintritt, on the same page without the t-bars does also show... more
        • Re: Case ClosedJoe for Michael 5260, Fri Jun 21 09:15
          Sure Michael, I'll take a look at the word "Boad" but you may be preaching to the long-converted here. Why don't you start a new thread and address it to the Board?
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