Michael For Sue
Re: Morrow & Lindbergh Employees
Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:09

I know its somewhere but I just can't find it unfortunately. Part of the reason might be because I have about 60 files pulled at the moment so I have material all over the place. I want to check my Sharp files too when I get a chance because I am thinking I may have filed this type of information there. But if not then I am at a complete loss. Could this type of information be found on "Ancestry.Com" possibly? Might be a good Plan-B. Anyway, regardless of who is from where I'd recommend that you look at all of them as much as you can. One never knows where it can lead.

  • Re: Morrow & Lindbergh EmployeesSue, Sat Jun 22 13:37
    Thanks for the list. Yes, the country where these servants originated from would be very helpful.
    • Re: Morrow & Lindbergh Employees — Michael For Sue, Sun Jun 23 11:09
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