Re: Railroaded
Sat Aug 31, 2019 13:13

I become skeptical when someone uses the word: "railroaded."

  • RailroadedMichael 5260, Sun Jul 14 10:54
    It looks like the Harvey Weinstein trial will begin on September 9, 2019. One of his new attorneys proclaimed that Weinstein is being railroaded. The jury has not been selected yet but Weinstein is... more
    • Re: Railroaded — Sue, Sat Aug 31 13:13
      • Re: RailroadedMichael 5260, Sat Aug 31 14:43
        So do I.
        • Re: RailroadedSue, Sat Aug 31 16:25
          The Tankleff murders are a great example. Marty Tankleff should still be serving time today for killing his parents, but he got enough people to believe that he was "railroaded."
          • Re: RailroadedMichael 5260, Mon Sep 2 12:42
            Some other legal defense favorites that are used frequently: * The police bungled the investigation. * The police stopped looking for other possible suspects. * The evidence was fabricated. * The... more
            • Re: RailroadedSue, Sat Sep 14 11:59
              *The insanity defense I've noticed in some cases that when someone is initially arrested for a murder, that the person will put a feigned, crazed look on their face when they are photographed. Maybe... more
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