Michael 5260
Re: Railroaded
Sat Aug 31, 2019 14:43

So do I.

  • Re: RailroadedSue, Sat Aug 31 13:13
    I become skeptical when someone uses the word: "railroaded."
    • Re: Railroaded — Michael 5260, Sat Aug 31 14:43
      • Re: RailroadedSue, Sat Aug 31 16:25
        The Tankleff murders are a great example. Marty Tankleff should still be serving time today for killing his parents, but he got enough people to believe that he was "railroaded."
        • Re: RailroadedMichael 5260, Mon Sep 2 12:42
          Some other legal defense favorites that are used frequently: * The police bungled the investigation. * The police stopped looking for other possible suspects. * The evidence was fabricated. * The... more
          • Re: RailroadedSue, Sat Sep 14 11:59
            *The insanity defense I've noticed in some cases that when someone is initially arrested for a murder, that the person will put a feigned, crazed look on their face when they are photographed. Maybe... more
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