Wed Sep 4, 2019 00:24

Thanks to Joe Czulinski I was able to upload Nosovitsky's FBI Files up to my website
He sent them to me very quickly and I have taken a while to upload them because I wanted to make a new page devot3d to that crazy character - (Nosovitsky, not Joe!)

Here is the link

If you have trouble with it please let me know - I posted my email address above

I have much more to add on the website in general but I wanted to get this up right away even though everyone in Florida's been going nuts all week long............


    • another reunion, guys and gals?Richard Sloan, Thu Sep 5 00:12
      To Delmont, Romeo, Campbell, Bornstein, Attardo, and Howard: Wanna do another Bx reunion? Eat on City Island again? WHat shall our theme be? How about in October? Let's get it going!
      • Yes!Sam, Wed Sep 18 14:35
        Bornstein is in, if this comes together.
        • bxRichard Sloan, Wed Sep 18 17:20
          good sam!
    • May 21st - also the day CAL flew to Paris (nm)ronelle to Joe, Wed Sep 4 20:37
    • Re: NOSOVITSKY FBI FILESJoe, Wed Sep 4 12:22
      Thanks Ronelle for adding the files to your site. You know.. I share the same birthday (May 21) as that crazy guy, so the jury might still be out on that one!
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