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Re: hauptmann's spending habits
Sun Sep 8, 2019 10:16

Bob, you're claiming that Hauptmann was just an extortionist? The description afforded by Lupica of the stranger in the Dodge sedan, the ladder wood connected to his attic via Rail 16, his planer marks that match up identically to the profile of planing marks in the ladder rails, the degree of similarity within his handwriting to that in the ransom notes to the point he even commented how identical they looked, the description given by Condon from his meetings with CJ and it's likeness to Hauptmann's features? I'm not stating conclusively it was he who went through the nursery window, but to suggest Hauptmann was not an integral part of the kidnapping scheme, is is truly a stretch beyond the breaking point.

  • hauptmann's spending habitsbob mills for joe and forum, Sun Sep 8 04:59
    Joe, the fact that Hauptmann still had about $14,000. worth of ransom money in his garage in 1934 is proof enough of his connection to the LKC. But it doesn't place him in Hopewell on the night of... more
    • Re: hauptmann's spending habitsMichael 5260 for Bob, Sun Sep 8 11:38
      Hauptmann didn't cop a plea for extortion. James M. Fawcett his first attorney and Ed Reilly his second attorney did not go in that direction either. The legal system does not execute a criminal for... more
    • Re: hauptmann's spending habits — Joe for Bob, Sun Sep 8 10:16
      • bob on extortion onlyRichard Sloan, Mon Sep 16 09:43
        I boggles my mind, too, how you can totally disregard the wood evidence. How about explaining to us your take on rail 16 and the wood plane. Defend your position.
        • Re: bob on extortion onlybob mills for richard sloan and forum, Tue Sep 17 07:28
          The cops searched Hauptmann's attic almost 20 times and never found a missing board, when they were looking for any possible piece of evidence against him. AFTER BORNMANN TOOK OVER THE APARTMENT,... more
          • Koehler and KelvinRichard Sloan, Tue Sep 17 10:18
            About ten to thirteen years ago, Kelvin Keraga of Greenwich, NY corroborated all of Koehler's findings with photographs. It was a masterful (and I think undiusputable) study. Have you read it? If you ... more
            • Re: Koehler and KelvinJoe, Tue Sep 17 12:53
              I believe it was actually 9 attic searches and it's pretty apparent those cops were looking for evidence in the way of things that were there, ie. ransom money, and not things that weren't there.... more
              • atticRichard Sloan, Tue Sep 17 22:23
                Now that's a refreshig idea -- that Brunoi tried the night before and came back on the next. The scrapes were at a lower level, huh? WHat makes you say that tthe floorboard was removed long... more
                • Re: atticJoe, Wed Sep 18 09:48
                  Yes Rich, the scrape marks were at a level which corresponded with the tips of the second section of the ladder contacting the wall. I've always believed that three sections were used on March 1,... more
                  • atticRichard Sloan, Wed Sep 18 12:23
                    The notion that the board was removed for electrical work is food for thought, indeed. However, it's a moot point. Haptmann used that board to fashion rail 16.
                    • Re: atticJoe, Wed Sep 18 12:36
                      You're right, it just presents a more plausible scenario as to how that board came into his hands. It's been the source of so much debate over the years between folks who seem to take such a hard... more
            • Re: Koehler and KelvinMichael For Bob & Richard, Tue Sep 17 11:02
              I am finishing up V3 now and I have an entire chapter on the wood evidence. It's exactly because of our debates that I decided to address each and every argument both for and against. I do not hold... more
              • Re: Koehler and Kelvinsteve for mike, Tue Sep 17 11:18
                and rail 16 and hauptmans attic. cant wait to debate your chapter
                • Re: Koehler and KelvinMichael, Tue Sep 17 11:30
                  I don't think there will be much debate. I predict both anger and disappointment from both 'sides' - but its kind of hard to argue against facts. We'll see what happens though.
      • the extent of hauptmann's guiltbob mills for joe and forum, Sun Sep 15 06:14
        Joe, I merely said that the existence of $14,000. in ransom money in Hauptmann's garage, together with the incoherence of the Fisch story, add up to extortion. I happen to believe that Hauptmann was... more
        • Re: the extent of hauptmann's guiltMichael 5260 for Bob, Sun Sep 15 11:22
          Putting ourselves in Hauptmann's shoes, how are we going to successfully extort $50,000 from Lindbergh? I'm talking about the mechanics of an extortion not the kidnapping of the baby. We will assume... more
          • possible scenariobob mills for michael 5260, Wed Sep 18 04:44
            Here's a scenario that conforms to Hauptmann (and Fisch) as extortionists: Duane Baker (Bacon) is tipped off by Charles Henry Ellerson (a drinking friend from Sha-Toe) that the Lindberghs will be... more
            • Re: possible scenarioAnonymous, Thu Sep 19 13:01
              This scenario should start with "Once upon a midnight dreary".... All this is pure specculation with no evidence to back it up. Allen and Wilson "accidentally" found the body? Oh please.
            • Re: possible scenarioJoe for Bob Mills, Thu Sep 19 10:42
              Bob, what evidence do you have to demonstrate that: * Duane Baker and Henry Ellerson were drinking buddies at the Sha-Toe? * Hauptmann understood enough about the Lindberghs' travel schedule between... more
            • Re: possible scenarioMichael 5260 for Bob, Wed Sep 18 10:24
              Question. How did Hauptmann obtain the original Nursery Note from which to write the subsequent ransom notes? A freehand facsimile of the nursey note written by Mickey Rosner, Irving Bitz, or... more
              • questionsbob mills for michael 5260, Thu Sep 19 15:28
                That;s a very reasonable question, but no more reasonable than the following: Why would Hauptmann, if he had planned the kidnapping carefully (and he never could have found Highfields otherwise),... more
                • Re: questionsMichael 5260 for Bob, Thu Sep 19 20:10
                  Let's go back to the original problem. How is Hauptmann going to be "only" an extortionist and not a kidnapper/murderer. We must assume that he knew nothing about the actual kidnapping and yet he was ... more
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