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Pole Moor
Thu Jun 4, 2015 07:55

Yes I passed the cemetery at Pole Moor only
The other day and nearly crashed my car!

Who has cleared the graveyard?

  • Pole Moor GraveyardRobert Broadbent, Fri May 15 17:04
    Drove past Pole Moor graveyard today and looks like a miracale has happened!!!! The sun has shone over the pole. Many thanks to whoever did that amazing deed... RB.
    • Pole Moor — Anonymous, Thu Jun 4 07:55
    • Re: Pole Moor GraveyardAnonymous, Fri May 15 23:21
      Many thank from a family member that lives in Canada and yes i am a product of a Spaven and Broadbents.I may live in Canada but i call Yorkshire my home. Walter
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