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Robert Broadbent
Pole Moor Graves - Broadbent Statement
Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:51

Thanks for the compliment. I dont get many of them...
The silence from people says it all.......

Anyway... As we say in the Broadbent family. Job sorted.

After all the tittle tattle etc. No one coming to the front plate to sort the problem..
After been approached for the 4th time. I decide to take on the graveyard and correct what should have been done ... i suppose many years ago....

The graveyard is now tided up. All undergrowth, brambles... etc removed. Strimmed once, and due for another hair cut this next week.

The dangerous open graves have now been capped off and made safe, and a few other holes filled in.

The gates are now open all the time, as of today for access at all times.

Please respect the graveyard and take rubbish home.

Alot more good things are due to happen with the graveyard for everyone.

At least there is now sunshine and peace back at the pole.

The graveyard will remain tidy until i die with the help from a few colleagues on the way.

Well done Robert...

Robert Broadbent.

  • Pole Moor Graveyard Dangerous GravesAnonymous, Mon Jun 15 14:30
    Lovely sunny day today. I visited the graveyard today at Pole Moor and i talked to a young man who was busy with large flags covering the open graves. Very keen young chap... Some action i see by... more
    • Pole Moor Graves - Broadbent Statement — Robert Broadbent, Thu Jun 18 11:51
      • pole moorAnonymous, Thu Jun 16 23:14
        I am planning a visit home in Sep and will go up to the graveyard. Some of my ancestors are there I think, I didn't know of it's existence as when I lived there we didn't have a car. I went with my... more
      • burialsSusan Gunning, Thu Jun 16 12:56
        Is there a list of burials for Pole Moor? Thanks Susan
        • Pole Moor BurialsSteve Whitwam, Fri Jun 17 04:30
          Hi Susan, I have a list of burials 1837-1980 if you want anything looking up let me know, email me at Have you seen the gravestone web site which list all the... more
          • Edmund WearSusan Gunning, Fri Jun 17 16:12
            Hi Steve I am so pleased to hear from you,I've tried to contact you several times without success. My great x2 grandad,Edmund Wear,died on the 31st July 1876, in Beaumont Street Huddersfield,he was... more
            • Edmund Wear died Huddersfield 1876Steve Whitwam, Tue Jun 21 03:11
              Hello Susan, Just had a quick look into Edmund Wear who married Eliza Shaw at Huddersfield in 1855 (not conformist marriage ??). Found them on the 1851 census where it stated Edmund was born Halifax... more
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