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Sat Oct 24, 2015 14:17

As the surname Sykes is one of the most common in our area I thought I should advertise a recent problem I have unearthed on regarding the surname SYKES. Anyone at all interested in searching census records for that name should be aware that there are potentially in excess of 7400 Sykes records indexed as LYKES (no such name as far I know). While searching the 1851 Census I found a transcription error for a family that I was interested in. That got me wondering how many more similar transcription errors there were so I performed an "exact" search for the LYKES surname on all the census years and guess what, there were 1000's. I have reported this to Ancestry and await their notification that something is being done to rectify the situation. Meanwhile here are the search figures I found for the Lykes name:-
1841 - 737
1851 - 1043
1861 - 818
1871 - 1165
1881 - 13
1891 - 1332
1901 - 1260
1911 - 842
SO BEWARE and recheck all those Sykes you could not find.

Dave & Sue Hirst

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