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Lorraine Irving
Dodson family graves
Mon Jan 4, 2016 08:18

I’m immensely impressed by your research and superb presentation of the results. Due to your efforts I’ve found graves for almost an entire generation of my family. Thanks very much.
Before I found your work I had been down to St James’ looking for ‘the family grave’. What I had been given by family members was that Joseph Dodson had run The Shoulder of Mutton for many years and the grave was just outside the bedroom window. Before I set out, I had looked into the parish records and censuses and felt that I had a good overview of the story and a ten minute look in the graveyard would tie in all the loose ends! You already know what I found as there do not appear to be any graves in that area and I was loth to start digging around- it would look strange wouldn’t it?
When I found your work I was very pleased. I have identified that c31, c11, and c37 hold people from my family.(along with a151 on Manchester rd) Joseph’s daughter Ruth and her husband Richard Walker took over The Shoulder when Joseph retired.
However, I am a decendant of Joseph’s son Thomas (10/1/1859- 19/12/1932) and Eliza (1859- 29/4/1935), both are recorded in the Parish deaths and their’s must be the missing grave. Also missing is the grave of Joseph’s father George (18/10/1791 to 18/3/1835) .
I already knew where my grand father Willie was (pole moor) and have visited this recently.
Thomas & Eliza were living at Pole Moor when they died but family stories say that they were buried in Slaithwaite and they are in St James’ death records.
So, to sum up, I’m looking for the graves of George(also land lord of The Shoulder) and Thomas and his wife.

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