Bankfield Mill
Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:29

I can tell you about the last occupants of Bankfield Mill before it was left to fall apart. It was George Sykes, his wife Mary and the meanest, most vicious, little Yorkshire Terrier you ever clapped eyes on. My mother had to walk past the farm to get to work (Taylor & Livesey's) and kept a stick hidden in the grass at the top of the lane ready to poise the dog if it flew at her - which it often did. Once round the corner near the bridge she would hide the stick in the shrubs ready for the return bout later that evening. George sold poultry, geese mainly, and I can recall being terrified at having to go to the house to collect one that my father had ordered from him. Fortunately, that day, the dog was in another room and he quickly shut the door on it so that he could deal with me without having to chase after me!

  • The Mill, Ramsden Mill lane, GolcarAnonymous, Tue Jun 21 17:26
    Hello there I am trying to find out as much information as possible about our Home that used to be a looming Mill belonging to The Ramsden Family. We have a census from 1851 that includes and Ann... more
    • Bankfield Mill — nick.wilde, Wed Mar 15 12:29
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