Scape Baptist - Records
Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:45

Does anybody know why the records from Scape Baptist don't appear with the rest of the non-conformist records held by the West Yorkshire Archive Service? No baptisms, no marriages, no burials, nowt! I have read the previous post about contacting the minister or one of the deacons but wondered if anybody knew how they had escaped the net, so to speak.

    • Scapegoat Hill baptist Church burials GolcarSteve Whitwam, Sun Sep 3 13:08
      If your looking for any burials at scapegoat hill let me know and I'll see what I can locate for anyone. Regards Steve Whitwam my new email address is on the above web page
    • Scape recordsJudith, Sat Sep 2 10:24
      Nick I don't know why the Scape records are not available other than no-one has got round to it. I have an old copy of the graveyard/burials and know someone who can access the other records. Who are ... more
      • Scape Goat Hilllenny.beaumont, Sun Sep 3 08:50
        Hi Judith I am intrigued to hear about SGH Baptist church. I didn't know it existed. The Beaumont families living at SGH are part of my family. Up to now I assume they were using Pole moor or... more
        • Scape burialsJudith, Sun Sep 3 13:14
          Hi lenny I have looked at my now out of date graveyard list for Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church and have found 6 graves with 21 persons buried in the graveyard with the surname Beaumont. I do not have... more
          • Scapr Goat Hilllenny.beaumont, Sun Sep 3 19:24
            Hi Judith I live in Lincoln, but that is not a problem. I would love you to arrange a visit for me to come and view the other records. The dates I have available to travel up there are :- Monday 11... more
            • Scape RecordsJudith, Tue Sep 5 12:47
              Hi Lenny I will E-Mail you asap
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