Scape burials
Sun Sep 3, 2017 13:14

Hi lenny

I have looked at my now out of date graveyard list for Scapegoat Hill Baptist Church and have found 6 graves with 21 persons buried in the graveyard with the surname Beaumont. I do not have a list for the memorial garden which is at the church and is beautifully kept, but all there have stones and it is easily accessed. The graveyard is as you state extremely steep but now well kept. Because of it's steepness it is very difficult to access. All graves have to be vaulted and hand dug and it is difficult to cut the grass. Are you local to the area? If so perhaps I could arrange a visit for you to look at the records.

  • Scape Goat Hilllenny.beaumont, Sun Sep 3 08:50
    Hi Judith I am intrigued to hear about SGH Baptist church. I didn't know it existed. The Beaumont families living at SGH are part of my family. Up to now I assume they were using Pole moor or... more
    • Scape burials — Judith, Sun Sep 3 13:14
      • Scapr Goat Hilllenny.beaumont, Sun Sep 3 19:24
        Hi Judith I live in Lincoln, but that is not a problem. I would love you to arrange a visit for me to come and view the other records. The dates I have available to travel up there are :- Monday 11... more
        • Scape RecordsJudith, Tue Sep 5 12:47
          Hi Lenny I will E-Mail you asap
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