Steve Whitwam
Sarah Blackburn of Golcar born 1880
Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:00

Sarah Blackburn was born jun qtr 1880 and as you mentioned living with her parents unmarriedn in 1911. Unfortunetley I don't have any further details about Sarah.

Her parents john Blackburn died 19 Sep 1916 and Hannah Blackburn died 18 Jun 1922. There is an Administration for John in 1917 and a will proved for Hannah in 1922 if you have interested. Hannah's will should mention Sarah and if she is married or not.

John and Hannah had seven children, if you want any further information on the family feel free to email me. my email address is on my web site's front page


Steve Whitwam
Golcar, Huddersfield

  • Sarah Blackburnpblackburnbelfast, Mon Feb 26 16:11
    I want to confirm if Sarah Blackburn (born Golcar c1886 to John Blackburn and Hannah Pearson) died unmarried. In 1911 she was living with her sister Annis and their parents, John & Hannah, in... more
    • Sarah Blackburn of Golcar born 1880Steve Whitwam, Wed Feb 28 13:28
      Just discovered that Sarah Blackburn married Percy Hanson Dec Qtr 1915 Halifax District. Both were alive in 1949 when Sarah was the executor for her sister Annis's Will. Hope this helps. Regards... more
    • Sarah Blackburn of Golcar born 1880 — Steve Whitwam, Wed Feb 28 12:00
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