Steve Whitwam
Tom and Edith Whiteley of Golcar
Tue Oct 2, 2018 12:22

Hello Helen

Here's some details I've discovered about your family.

Gerald A. Fielding married Marjorie Whiteley Jun Qtr 1955

Marjorie was living with her parents on the 1939 census at 92 James Street Golcar she was born 29 Mar 1934.

Tom Whiteley a Steel Engineer was born 19 Jun 1904 and Edith H. his wife was born 3 Mar 1905 they married at Huddersfield Sep Qtr 1929.

Do you know where Tom and Edith were born ?

Hope this helps

Steve Whitwam
Golcar, Huddersfield

  • Whiteley familyHelen Goodman, Sun Sep 30 19:55
    My name is Helen Goodman, nee Fielding. Iím wondering if there is anyone left in Golcar who remembers my family. I was born at 46 Station Rd in 1958. I have lived in New Zealand since 1963 but am... more
    • Hill familyIan, Fri Oct 5 02:39
      Hello Helen, The Hill family comprising of Thomas William, Clara Jane, Edith Hannah and Thomas were living in Golcar at 92 James Street in 1929. In the 1911 census the family were living in New... more
    • Tom and Edith Whiteley of Golcar — Steve Whitwam, Tue Oct 2 12:22
      • WhiteleyHelen Goodman, Tue Oct 2 20:17
        Thank you Steve, much appreciated. Not sure where they were born, but it would have been close to Golcar Id think
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