Pamela Jones
Ebenezer Heap
Sat Oct 27, 2018 14:33

My 3xgt grandfather was a Yorkshire man who eventually settled in Manchester about 1837. He was baptised at Lydgate Chapel in 1797, father Joseph Heap of Wooldale Townend, mother not named.
8 years later another Ebenezer was born to a Joseph and Mary Heap. He is well documented in the area but I can find no connection to my Ebenezer Heap apart from the fact that they both gave their children a similar set of names.
I keep wondering whether the two Josephs are perhaps one person. I'd be very glad to hear some other ideas. Thank you.

    • Re: Ebenezer HeapAnonymous, Mon Nov 19 13:22
      Sorry, I forgot to mention ... Mrs Heap was Mary A Heap. Their daughter ELLEN (b1849 Honley) married Frank Brown. Two of Franks cousins emigrated to the USA and were sponsored by a guy called HOWARTH ... more
    • Re: Ebenezer HeapMike Brown, Tue Nov 13 06:30
      FWIW .... I have a Mr & Mrs Joseph HEAP (b1813 Honley & 1816 Meltham) on my tree? They had several children ... Agnes, Ann, Luther, John, Ellen, Martha, Martin and Mary. They started off in the wool... more
    • Heaps of MarsdenSteve Whitwam, Mon Nov 12 14:42
      Just had a look at the baptisms at Marsden Congregational Church where there are eight baptisms of the children of Ebenezer and Sarah Heap between 1819 and 1834. The only other Heap baptism is a... more
      • Ebenezer Heap b 1797Pamela Jones, Fri Nov 30 17:31
        Thanks Steve, I'll check up on that Joseph. As you say all Ebenezer's children were christened in Marsden but none of them stayed there, They can all be found living in Manchester. Thanks again for... more
    • more on EbenezerPamela Jones, Sat Oct 27 14:42
      Sorry forgot to mention that Ebenezer was married to Sarah Howarth (Sally) at Almonbury 1818 and lived in Marsden at Woodclose from 1818 until 1837, all his children were born there and went to... more
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