michael smith
Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:02

Hello Steve
Thank for your reply. Robert is away all week .so e-mailed him .hope can help .by a strange quirk of fate put dawson in 1939 census up can HERBERT DAWSON .Ann Dawsons son born 1885
seems could be married to a ELLEN DAWSON born 28th june 1885.
living at no 4 Camp Hill Colne valley .wonder if he stayed there .michael

  • Ann Dawson's grave at Pole Moor ChurchSteve Whitwam, Mon Apr 15 06:00
    Hello Michael Ann Dawson's grave is in section 10A grave 1 There's a map of the graveyard on my web site see link below but I don't have a section 10A... more
    • Ann DAWSON — michael smith, Mon Apr 15 11:02
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