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Re: To D
Fri Mar 11, 2016 14:31

No I don't still have it. Difficult to catch up on a decade lol, a lot has changed. Rumour had it you weren't with us anymore, how do I know it's you?

  • To DD, Fri Mar 11 08:44
    Well hello there, glad your back, you'll have to catch me up on whats going on, do you have my e-mail addy ?
    • Re: To D — PSV, Fri Mar 11 14:31
      • Re: To DD, Mon Mar 14 09:05
        ha ha ha i suppose it is. Ask Cats she'll vouch for me. I will never be gone, this board was set up by vampires and sanguinaians for vampires and sanguinaians. Nothing is going to change that. be... more
        • Re: To DPSV, Tue Mar 15 10:39
          Just use
        • Vouch and funnyCatwoman, Tue Mar 15 01:43
          Yes I will vouch for D. Because he has been completely honest with me on some matters and is an intellectual conversationalist. D. LMAO You must be missing a dot because you had issues reconnecting... more
        • Re: To DAnonymous, Mon Mar 14 09:13
          Thanks :-)
          • Re: To DPSV, Mon Mar 14 09:27
            Oops. Above was me. I've tried what I thought it was but says failed to deliver, think Im missing a dot or something.
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