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Fri Mar 11, 2016 21:18

I am in the mood for some intelligent and intellectual conversations. In the next few days I will post something here completely Vampire or other immortal soul. (Not crap about immortal bodies pssshaw or religious or even garbage)

If any wish to join in simply let me know.

I figure someone who actually posts what this board is about rather than, S-Pam-ology, would be a refreshing thing. LOL

Be well and walk in peace


    • RE: SubjectsSpirit, Wed Apr 6 17:49
      An intellectual conversation on this board would definitely be a refreshing thing. :)
    • Re: SubjectsD, Mon Mar 14 09:03
      Cats your slaying me ha ha ha, 'S-Pam-ology' awesome well done. Ahhh yes long have i hungered for some good things to discuss, tripping up religious zealots is far too easy and not very worth while... more
      • D.Catwoman, Tue Mar 15 01:37
        I thought you would love the s-Pam-ology part lol. Yes well as clever and fun as it is to torment the mindless I feel it is time, even if between just us, to bring some form of intelligent life back... more
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