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Oopsy that was me
Fri Mar 18, 2016 21:53

That was my posting above and not an anonymous. LMAO

  • Re: I know you were making fun of meAnonymous, Fri Mar 18 21:50
    Me a bully? LMAO Last I check you were the first to make high school grade posts about Damon being referenced to a fictional character. You also plague this board as if it were your personal... more
    • Re: I know you were making fun of mePamela, Sat Mar 19 04:31
      Your right I have been childish and I shouldn't have made the post that I posted. I know Damon Thane was a real person. I used to chat with him for hours at at time. I am not sure if Damon Thane is... more
    • Oopsy that was me — Catwoman, Fri Mar 18 21:53
      • I already knewPamela, Sat Mar 19 04:32
        I already knew it was you.
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